21 July 2007

Pattern for Rose Slip

Pattern for Rose Slip, originally uploaded by Jane Stockton.

I got bored on the weekend. I decided to start work on the slips for the November WCOB competition. I was going to wait to see the outcome of the last comp, but thought I'd better get started. I knew I wasn't going to work on a high count fabric, as it would take too long and wouldn't give a big enough result. So I am working on some 14 count linen canvas that I've been saving for a special occasion. I am going to do 5 slips - four floral patterns and a central heraldic element. The floral patterns are taken from a piece in Traquair House in Scotland. I changed the orientation and the shape a bit to make them more suitable. The heraldic element will be based on an uncut slip in the V&A.

This is the slip at about 3 hours work. I don't have any black silk for the outlining, I have to order them. But I really wanted to start so I picked areas that I could do without the black being done.

Rose Slip @ 3 Hours Work, originally uploaded by Jane Stockton.