18 August 2007

Art of Knitting - Block 2

Art of Knitting - Block 2, originally uploaded by Jane Stockton.

This is the second block in the art of knitting series. It's a modified moss stitch (though that doesn't show up in the image).

I stuffed up the block at one stage. I had two bumps on top of each other.So I undid that bit and worked out what row in the sequence I was up to and started again - and it worked! I thought it would take me a few goes to get it fixed.

The block is a bit curly and needs blocking. Can you block acrylic?

One comment on the wool. The ball of wool is supplied with the pattern. This time, the wool had lots of breaks in it. I had to keep doing knots which I had to get to the back of the block. Not impressed by that at all.


I have also bought the two issues, but haven't yet got around to sitting down and knitting them. I remember being taught years ago... but it has all gone from the memory...

Maybe later today I'll get to it...



Yeah, I learned the two basic stitches years ago and even made myself this hideous aqua vest thing in home economics. But I want to be able to make something wearable, so I'm starting slow. I'm actually quite pleased with how this block looks. But I need to get myself a little row counter thingy.

I have made Saturday my knitting day.