27 March 2008

Back From Festival 2008

I'm back from Festival. I had a great time but I'm glad it's a while before I have to consider camping again. For all the last minute changes and things that happen with a new site, I think the organisers did an absolutely fantastic job.

I took my camera but never got around to taking any photos. I will have to see what other people have.

I did market day but it was a bit of a bust. I didn't sell any of the blackwork or the early period woolwork. So I might have to put them up on the web.

I'm in the process of washing and putting everything away. Place is a bit of shambles.

I also know what it's like to have a cat velcroed to my legs!! Bubby was very glad when I got home and never left my side for the whole first day back.


How much would you be asking for one of those gorgeous collars