4 August 2008

Finished Hat

Finished Hat, originally uploaded by Jane Stockton.

This is the finished hat. It turned out just that little bit small. And I think I might've interpreted the pattern incorrectly as there don't seem to be enough knit rows to curl the bottom edge up. So I gave it away. I am going to reknit on 6.5mm needles (thanks Jane-Beth!). I think that will make it just right (with the addition of more knit rows). I was pretty close guessing 6.0mm needles. Anyway, it's a quick project and quite funky. But I will probably need more wool.


That is kinda cute! Does the top all-knit "chimney" also roll over? Looks like the original model-girl had her hair in a bun, tucked into that cuff at the top . . . I could see that being adorable on a small child, with a ponytail pulled thru the top, too!

Susana N