23 September 2008

It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time

So, there was this little button on the Ancestry.com.au website promoting this thing called the Backyard History Hunt. The idea was to get people to look into their family documents or memorabilia and to submit things that they thought might be of interest to family and local historians.

So I submitted a couple of photos, including one of a set of song lyrics written about serving in Bouganville during the later stages of WWII. I presume that the item belonged to my grandfather, but I don't know if he wrote it.

Anyway, the PR person in charge liked it and did a phone interview with me to come up with some text for a case study for a media release file. No harm, no foul.

I just got back from a meeting and there was a phone message. The lady in charge had sent the release out and within literally minutes, had been contacted by two of the biggest media outlets where I live who both want to talk to me! She was really surprised, she said they usually don't get much of a reaction and to get one so fast was really unusual.

So the Newcastle Morning Herald wants an interview and picture and ABC Radio wants to do an on air chat tomorrow at 6.20am. What have I done? 'Suppose I better let me Dad know!!