2 December 2008

Nice People Are Good

So I was playing WoW last night. I'd died about 8 times in half and hour and was on my last attempt at the quest before logging off in frustration, when I ran into this 24th Level Paladin. We got to chatting. He offered to help me with the quest. So I said yes. Off we went and I finished it in about 5 mins. He only had to look at monster and it died! So when I maxed out my inventory, I offered to give me my best pick ups (it seemed only fair). When we did the trade, he gave me an eight slot bag!! I felt bad I wasn't able to give me better stuff to swap. I thanked him profusely and he said no probs, others had helped me out so he wanted to return the favour.

It was so nice to see someone with that attitude (although there are lots, I'm always getting free buffs from people running past, I wish they'd slow down so I could say thanks). And since I was so frustrated I was about the chuck it in for the night, very well timed!