1 September 2009

Dune Binding Collage

Dune Binding Collage, originally uploaded by Jane Stockton.

I wanted to have a book I could take with me to my SCA events but that wouldn't stick out. So I decided to rebind my copy of Dune in a way that would make it blend in a bit more. It is made using a medieval secondary tacketing method.

If you click on the image and go to Flickr, there are notes on the image to explain what I did.


Now that is a most marvelous idea! You keep inspiring me to do Stuff (I've caught the bookbinding bug too, thanks in part to you).

Dune is an excellent choice - thick, apart from anything else. But I'm tempted to try to find a copy of Cordelia's Honor by Lois McMaster Bujold for my version.

Thanks, I'm all for practical applications!! And now I've got something to read when I get bored.

I love Dune, I read it every year.

I'm probably going to do some more. Apart from anything else, how cool will a heap of these look in my bookshelf at home!

What sort of binding have you been doing? Pics?

Pics soon. :) I'm working on a couple of hard-backed (i.e. wood panel) books, but I want to do a bit of calligraphy for the first pages as gifts for various people. And I have an embroidered Pelican-gift one to do as well.

I did do a class at Raglan a couple of weekends ago though - I'll try to sort out photos of that one.