10 November 2009


I've been pretty slack about posting lately. Last week was pretty full on and I haven't been doing much embroidery stuff.

I have had a couple of family history breakthroughs, which is good. I'm writing up all the research I've done on one of the four main branches of my family. I want to send something to all the members from that branch, as that is the branch with the most people around and kicking. Once I've done the write up, that will help me identify holes that I need to do more research on.

And I am doing National Novel Writing Month. I'm a bit behind on my word count. I had hoped to catch up on the weekend but I had a shocking headache all saturday, so by the time I'd caught up on things I didn't get to start writing until the late afternoon. And I managed to knock out just over 2000 words last night. If I can keep going a few hundred over the daily quota and have a big session this weekend, I should be able to get myself back on track. I'm enjoying it. I'm a bit out of practice on putting that many words to the page but the benefit of writing fiction is you don't need to reference anything!