4 March 2010

iPhone Arrived!!

iPhone, originally uploaded by Jane Stockton.

Woo hoo! My free iPhone arrived today. Telstra had the info wrong on the website. So we rang up and pointed this out and said we wanted the phone for the advertised amount. They said no, we kept at them until they sort of gave up and we insisted they take our details down and log our complaint. They said they would get back to us. We knew that was a lie. So we gave them a week and then followed up.

The next guy said could we send them screen captures of the info cause they couldn't find it on the website. We said sure (I love our photocopier that scans!) and sent along. The email bounced as unknown user. So we rang up again and got someone else. She said yes, it was what the deal said, and took all our details and said the phone would be there in a couple of days. And they were.

It is so awesome.