18 April 2012

Quick Rag Quilt Completed

I felt the need to actually get something finished over the Easter break. So while I did do a bit of work on a couple of in progress projects, I also started and completed a Rag Quilt. These are a great beginners project and also for those who just need something finished!! Also a great way to use up scraps.

I didn't follow any particular tutorial, as the process is pretty simple, but for a details tutorial, check out Rag Quilt Tutorial over at Green Apple Orchard blog.

Completed Rag Quilt - It is just a nice size for a lap quilt.
 Basically, you cut up three layers:
  • front fabric
  • batting
  • backing fabric

This is the various layers cut out and ready to sew.

You cut the front and backing about an inch larger than the batting. I used a layer cake pack (cut into 5" squares) of Soiree from Moda for the front. I used plain white with the odd bit of Heather Bailey for the back and cotton wadding for the middle. Make a sandwich of front, batting, back and then quilt. I just did a diagonal quilt using my walking foot (for the first time ever!).

Quilted Squares

Then sew block together, sewing wrong sides using an 1/2" seam. Snip the exposed seams, wash and tumble dryer. Finished. Best to wash inside a quilt or bag as it produces lots of lint.

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. If I hadn't gone at it like at bull at a gate, I would've realised that if I had alternated the coloured blocks with plain white, I'd have only used half the fabric and been able to make something else!! Ah well, next time. It takes a few washes and tumbles for the seams to get nice and fluffy.


great quick quilt - perfect for a little girl!

What an adorable quilt - thanks for the how-to.