23 April 2012

Stash - Michael Miller Neutrals and Modern Quilts

I've found a few really nice "modern" quilts on Pinterest that have got me interested in doing something in solid fabrics. I'd just started thinking I needed to start collecting them when I found this pack at the Fat Quarter Shop. List of links to more modern quilts at the end of the post.

When I look at the "modern" quilts that I like, they are just about all made with all solid colours. I think this is probably the thing that sets them apart from more traditional designs (except for Amish of course).

Here are some of the ones that got me thinking:

Source: google.com via Michelle on Pinterest


For the past year or so I have wanted to work with solids, I started to collect them, I joined a monthly club where she sends you solids. I am just about ready to start making my first solid quilt.
I also just love the antique amish quilts and have a few of those planned to reproduce as well....
can't wait to see what you do .