31 July 2012

Quick Sew Baby Quilt

So I've decided I want to buy the HQ Sweet Sixteen quilting machine. I need lots of money to do this. So I have a plan to make and sell stuff in order to get said money. One plan was to make some baby quilts to sell. I've been wanting to try this quick sew method and had a 5" charm pack that would be great for it. I've held off using pre-cuts cause I am a big fan of pre-washing. Firstly, I don't like colour runs in something I spent time and money making and secondly, I'm not a huge fan of the wrinkled look.

This project confirmed my policy of not buying pre-cuts. The quilt made up very quickly. Basically, you glue/pin the squares onto the top fabric, baste it to the batting and backing and then quilt the squares. So you are sewing the squares and quilting all in one go. It's a very quick method of putting together a quilt. I liked it. However, after binding and washing the quilt, I have to say I am NOT happy with the wrinkled look. I won't be doing it again.

On the bright side, I tried a couple of new techniques. I tried spray basting for the first time and it saved me SO much time!! Great for smaller projects. Not sure how it would work with bigger quilts, but I will definately be trying it again. The other thing I tried was machine sewing the binding on. That didn't work quite as well, but I think if I increase the size of the binding, it will work better next time.