14 January 2013

Repro Log Cab Pattern and Competition

So I've finished a pile (about 36) of traditional Log Cabin blocks. They will be 7" finished. Now comes the hard bit, what layout do I use? Below is a collage (thanks  PicMonkey!) of some of the more common Log Cabin settings.

I don't have a real favourite at the moment. But this block is a real good example of how important getting good definition between your lights and darks. I'm working on a pink and gray log cabin as well, and you get a very different look when the colours don't contrast so strongly.

It's quite small at the moment, so I will probably need to make some more blocks, but they work up very quickly.


Anyway, in an effort to make a decision, it's time for a bit of audience participation. I've put some more detailed photo below. The prize is a 20 wedge Dresden Plate template from Matilda's Own. Somehow, I've ended up with a couple spare of these, so I figure better to give them to a new home than just sit in my cupboard. It's brand new, never used.

If you've never used these templates, they are super easy to use. You can complete a plate very quickly and it's all straight sewing, no funky seams.

So, to enter the competition, just post a comment telling me which layout you like best for these blocks. Or, if it's not shown here the name (or a link to a picture) of another setting you think I should try.

If you want a second entry, then start following my blog or let me know if you are already a follower.

I will cover postage costs and it's open to anyone, anywhere in the world. Competition will be drawn Moday 21 Jan 2013 (Aussie time).

NOTE: if you don't have a Blogger account or you are a No-replay blogger, please make sure to leave an email address so I can contact you if you win!!

Barnraising (Not Barnstorming!! duh!)

Fields and Furrows

Streaks of Lightening

Log Cabin Star

Sunshine and Shadow


Hello Michelle.Your blocks look really great!And I like all of the layouts but I love the Log Cabin Star layout the best. If you want some more ideas, go to www.amishcountrylanes.com and take the tour. They have some really awesome quilts. There are a lot of Log Cabin quilts in there. Thanks for the giveaway.

Streaks of Lightning, followed by Fields and Furrows. I love Log Cabin Star and have made a top that way myself, but you'd really need another row of blocks to make it perfect. I think, with these colours, it works best to keep it simple and traditional. Love the colours BTW!

Hi Michelle, I love the colours and I too love the Log Cabin Star layout. It really sets off the work you have done. I am just starting on a Dresden Plate quilt so would love the template. Thanks for your generosity.

I follow you through Google Friend Connect.

My fave is Barnstorming - lots of colour concentration which I love - and the design is balanced and flows really well. I also love the fact that puss is very happy with *every* arrangement, LOL! cheers from hot and sweaty WA

I love the Barn Storming....I'm on your on line group....Ava

Hi Michelle - your blocks are lovely. Although I usually like the barn-raising setting, your log cabin star looks amazing and is my favorite. Ady

my Favourite has go to be the Log Cabin star followed by the Zig Zag lightning. Will be watching for the finish

For Darelle;


I like the layout shown in bottom left hand corner

Love the star and the zigzag is second


Hi, I just subscribed, al looking forward to following your blog.

I like your cat!
Actually, I think "Log Cabin Star" seems the most impressive.

I like the Streaks of Lightning. It’s one of my favorite layouts for the log cabin block.

I like fields and furrows, I looked at your furry model and he/she looked the happiest on that one.

Hi, thanks for seeking opinions, I like Streaks of Lightening. Hope you can decide as they really all are lovely :-)

Streaks of lightning is my choice. It's the only one I've not seen before and, with all the storms and bushfires caused by lightning strikes around at the moment it seems topical and memorable.

I like the Star followed by the Barnstorming.
The quilt is going to look fabulous.
Lorraine B

Log Cabin Star - who can resist anything with a star in it? Plus the visual interest with the sunshine and shadows around the outside just makes your quilt "zing".

ALl the layouts are great as the blocks are so beautiful. But my favourite has to be Sunshine and Shadow.

I like the Log Cabin Star - and I like it that the cat is already claiming possession!

I've always loved Barn Storming (or Barn Raising?). Perhaps with an off-centre starting point for the concentric arrangement.

Streaks of lightning and then barnraising for me.

Log Cabin Star is my favourite....combining my love of Log Cabin & Star blocks! I've been following you via Blogger for a couple of years & a fellow Squilter.
Take care xx