8 February 2013

Pink and Gray Log Cabin and Competition

So I've finished a pile of traditional layout Log Cabin blocks using modern colourings. Now comes the hard bit, what layout do I use? Below is a collage (thanks  PicMonkey!) of some of the more common Log Cabin settings.

As with my Repro Log Cabin blocks, I'm having trouble deciding what layout to use.


NOTE: I had the wrong date for this competition - it finishes 18 Feb 2013!!

Anyway, in an effort to make a decision, it's time for a bit of audience participation. I've put some more detailed photo below. The prize is a 20 wedge Dresden Plate template from Matilda's Own. Somehow, I've ended up with a couple spare of these, so I figure better to give them to a new home than just sit in my cupboard. It's brand new, never used.

If you've never used these templates, they are super easy to use. You can complete a plate very quickly and it's all straight sewing, no funky seams.

So, to enter the competition, just post a comment telling me which layout you like best for these blocks. Or, if it's not shown here the name (or a link to a picture) of another setting you think I should try.

If you want a second entry, then start following my blog or let me know if you are already a follower.

I will cover postage costs and it's open to anyone, anywhere in the world. Competition will be drawn Monday 18 February 2013 (Aussie time).


Fields and Furrows

Streaks of Lightening

Log Cabin Star

Straight Setting

Sunshine and Shadow

On a side note, if you are interested in Log Cabin quilts, a publisher is making a free ebook (pdf) on Log Cabin Quilts available. You have to sign up, but the book is really good, a bit of history of the style, diagrams and names of various layouts and some REALLY useful tables of cutting instructions for various sizes and styles of Log Cabin. Definately worth signing up for. They also have five other free ebooks if you sign up for a website account.


I love the Barnraising setting - I think it gives the pink more drama.
I'm not a 'follower' but have you in my reading list on my blog - does that count???

Dear Joy,

Yep. For these comps all you have to do is comment. Following/reading list is nice, but not required.


Hi Michelle. I like the Sunshine and Shadow setting. It makes the pink show up better. Thanks for the giveaway.

I love the barn raising setting myself. Love the pink and gray. Great job!