9 April 2013


I have joined the craze! I have been using these as my handsewing project. Something to do infront of the TV or when waiting somewhere. I am doing them in 1930's repro fabrics.

I had planned on doing them with a yellow floral centre, but I am thinking maybe a more traditional yellow centre? Or is the plain yellow too bright? Opinions wanted!!!

I also couldn't help buying some of the new range of blenders that I saw at Spotlight a couple of weeks ago. Really loving the colours and patterns. I thought they lent themselves to 1800's repro patterns.
This is the range in a better light.
And here is Cleo helping me. I had them ready to iron after washing. They looked comfy!


Very Pretty, Michelle. I think either one would look great. I have collected all my fabrics now to start mine, but I am going to use the traditional plain yellow in mine. I think my yellow is a little lighter than yours though. Looking forward to seeing it finished.

love all those hexies! i like the bright yellow centers myself ... your yellow prints would make another set of flowers. i used a much paler yellow on my flowers and they don't look half as good as yours with the bright.