21 May 2013

Pink and Grey Log Cabin Finished

My Pink and Grey Log Cabin Quilt is finished! I am SO happy with how this one turned out. I don't normally work well with lots of printed fabrics, but I think I've nailed it with this one.

Here is the finished product. It sits nicely on the top of a double bed, with a teeny bit of overhang.
I wanted to keep the quilting on this one simple, as the colours and fabric are quite busy. So I just did quite wide apart straight line quilting following the zig zab pattern of the quilt. This also worked well with the back of the quilt which I did another pieced back on (I am sooo hooked on these as it means I can use normal width fabric for backs and not spend on the extra wide).
I gave plenty of thought to the binding. I really wanted to do a bright green to mirror the centre square of each block but didn't have the right colour on hand. So I went with the grey dots!!
And here is a final arty shot. I suck at these!!


That is absolutely gorgeous Laren! Well done. I love what you have done with the back too. Now why hadn't I thought of that?
Jenny F

That's a fantastic quilt! Well done. I love those colours together. Kelly.

I love this one too. It is really pretty and the 'zig-zag' effect is quite striking.