21 August 2013

Blue & White and Yellow Split La Moyne Star Finished

Another finish!! I managed to get this quilted in only a couple of hours. I kept it very simple, stitch in the ditch. It is by far and away the worst workmanship in any quilt I've ever made but it's finished and it's a useable quilt. The quilt finished at 55" x 55".

Cleo was pretty good, she waited until the quilting was finished before she tried to lay on it!! 

As I was working on finishing this off, I was adding rounds to my repro log cabin blocks. By doing it this way, I was able to get another 55 blocks finished without much additional effort. These blocks finish at 7".


Yep, finished (done) is better than perfect as Cathy Miller would say!

Well done. Great quilt.