22 January 2014

Block-A-Day 23 - Batik Star

Just after Christmas I ordered two Sizzix machine piecing quilt dies - Pinwheel and Iscoceles Triangle. They were out of the triangle, so I had to wait for it. It arrived this week. I am in love. It was sooo easy to use and accurate without any effort.

I've been buying quite a few Batiks recently, with no real plan in mind. I thought this might be a good project to use them with. The thing about this particular quilt block is that it is so versatile. You can us it to make this sort of star or turn it up the other way and have the thin triangles on the sides as the points. Or reverse lights and darks for yet another version.

The last piece in the image above is the reverse side of the block.

I have a pile of scraps at the moment. I am going to sew them together into larger scraps and then use this to make some blocks. Then they can go into donations quilts. I'm going to use the Pinwheel die as well for the same thing.

BTW, on one of my quilting email lists there has been alot of discussion about scraps and some confessions - with people admitting to throwing out bags of scraps. Now I can understand this, sometimes it becomes too much to deal with. But if there is anyone in Australia who wants to get rid of your scraps, I'm happy to send a pre-paid, pre-addressed parcel post bag to you which you can fill with scraps and send back to me. They will then be put to good use!! Guilt free.