8 January 2014

Block-A-Day - Block 8 - Pinwheel

So I was keeping up with the #BAD2014 challenge pretty well. But then last week I had a migraine which knock me for six for a couple of days. And then I managed to chip a tooth, which meant a dentist visit and the inability to feel half my face for most of the night!! Anyway, while I've been making the blocks I haven't been posting. So I will now start to catch up.

So two birds, one stone - new toy and another #BAD2014 block.

Even though I own three Sizzix machines, I haven't really gotten in to using the dies for quilting. Most up until recently were for machine applique which I wasn't interested in. But now they have a growing range of machine piecing dies. Again, I wasn't very interested but I've seen Wanda over at Exuberant Color using the Pinwheel (what's up with the Sizzix packaging where the two examples they show using the die to make blocks ARN'T a pinwheel but some other weird block?) and the isosceles triangle with corners. So really wanted the triangle but of course once I ordered I got a call saying they were out. So I'm still waiting for that to arrive. Annnyway, played with the pinwheel. I cut them with the fabric right side up and it orients as below. I will try wrong side up cause I want the dark colour on the top of the spin? Does that make sense?