24 January 2014

Quilt Room Cleanup

There must be something in the air. Lots of discussion on a couple of my quilting lists about people cleaning up their quilting areas. I find if it gets too bad, I just can't sew. Therefore, I had a clean up. One big decision was to move the chest of draws under the cat flap into my bedroom. I'd given the bedroom a major cleaning earlier this week (put all the shoes in sealed boxes, thrown out old shows etc). Just one thing needed to finish it off. All my furniture was white, except for the chest of draws which was a cheap, fake grey woodgrain, with missing handles and draws that kept coming off the slides. Then I had an epiphany. The draws in the sewing room were perfect! So the stuff in them (which I'm not using any more) was put in boxes and moved to the shed. And of course, I decided to have a thorough clean out of the contents of the draws as they were moved from old to new. That took up the first night! I now have enough tshirts in the discard pile to try making tshirt yarn! (That will be another post).

Annnnyway, I managed to keep up the momentum into the second night. So here are the after shots. I moved the cutting table to the spot vacated by the chest of draws (I need to keep something there so the cats can get out, especially Cleo who is finding it harder to jump). Since I took the photos, I got some new, nicer curtains!!

The cupboard on the side still needs to be cleaned out but I will try and keep this clean to place the stuff I am sewing with at the moment and for a pressing board. Love the look on Hattie's face!!


when can you come and make over my sewing room? Hurry!

And how nice now there is somewhere for your cat to sit!

Wow you have been busy!!

Thanks all. My most popular post in ages is about cleaning my room!! Yes, the cats are happier with a clean room. I love being able to just sit and sew. No half hour cleaning before the fun bit!!