12 February 2014

Green and Gold Star 1 - Quilt Top Finished

Got this one finished last night (which may have involved me actually burning the pasta I was cooking and having to put the pot outside so it didn't set off the smoke detector). This is for Aussie Hero Quilts, so it is just the top. I will send it to them and they will quilt it and have it there for people who haven't requested a specific quilt design. I have another one nearly finished, using the same design and colours. I should get that done tonight.

I love this pattern. Such an easy block that can be adapted to any colours. Great for scrappy quilts, cause all you need to do is make sure the triangles are the same colour and the rest can be anything and the pattern will still work. I would love to do this one in red, white and blue but I haven't been able to get alot of discount fabric in those colours.

In other quilty news, I've decided to stop doing the Block-A-Day thing. It would just too hard to keep up and was becoming a chore rather than a fun thing. I did make it a month, but just not worth the stress. I will keep making blue and white blocks until I have enough to make a quilt.