14 February 2014

Churn Dash on My Mind!!

This post is Churn Dash themed!! My Guild is running a Civil War Repro's Churn Dash block swap this year. Make 10 blocks and get 10 different ones back each month for 10 months!! The little suckers are 4.5" finished. I had hoped to have them done before this but the first batch weren't up to scratch. So all elements were made oversized and cut down. I am happier with this bunch.

I read Bonnie Hunters blog everyday. Always worth a visit. Recently I saw her method for pressing her chain pieced segments. She leaves them together and cuts them apart AFTER pressing. It was one of those ah ha moments!!

I love this technique. Made pressing much faster and simpler. Especially easy with the HST as there are two lines of sewing which I think adds extra stability.

Here are the elements getting trimmed or cut out.

Continuing with the Churn Dash theme. I was checking out the latest videos from the Missouri Star Quilt Company and noticed one called Disappearing Pinwheel - Churn Dash. Two of my favourite blocks in one! So I watched it and am hooked! I'm normally not a fan of these 'disappearing' variations but this one really works, a shortcut technique rather than variation (although there are plenty of them too!).

And check out Vicki's Fabric Creations for a great visual guide to the different blocks you can make using this one block/technique.


Interesting method but I am a little concerned about the outside edges of the blocks being on the bias so care would need to be taken with seeing. Thanks for sharing

That should be sewing not seeing!

Dear Prue,

Thanks for pointing that out! Not a deal breaker, but definately something to keep in mind when sewing. Thanks for commenting!