30 April 2014

Small Log Cabin Community Quilt

I've been pretty bad at blogging (and sewing) recently. Work has been full on and when I get home I just don't have the strength to sew. I have been doing alot of cutting out with my Sizzix, getting some leaders and enders sorted out. I have some leave coming up and I wanted these ready to go when I do finally get some time infront of the machine.

Over the recent Easter/ANZAC Day long weekends, I did get some sewing done.

 I received these blocks as part of a job lot I bought at our Guild swap/sell day. Not enough for me to do much with. Sew I put on some sashing and a border. I figure this is a workable size for a baby quilt.

I will take it to the next 5th Saturday and give it to the Community Quilts to add to the pile to give away as needed.