12 May 2014

Churn Dash Swap Blocks - 2

Another great set of blocks for the swap.

There was one issue though. There were a couple of blocks which had a great dark, but the light (shirting) was just too bright. The pattern was OK but the colours were just wrong for Civil War fabrics. I loved the purples used, so I decided to take them apart and put a new background in. I had a nice green toned one so I went with that for both.

 As you can see the background colours were just too bright. It's a pity, the pattern would've been a perfect shirting pattern.

 And here are the revised blocks. I normally don't mind the blocks being a bit off in piecing or colours etc, that is part of the fun of being in a swap. But these just weren't usable. So I figured better to rescue them rather than not use them at all. And I really did love the purples chosen.

Here are the blocks being sorted at Guild.