21 July 2014

Sydney Quilt and Craft Show

I had hoped to post this on the day I visited the show. But when I got home my phone line was dead and it took 4 days for it to get fixed. So my review of the new venue won't be of much help to those who attended after me.

For the record, the new venue was pretty good. The natural light was ALOT better than Darling Harbour. The aisles were wider but it was colder in the morning, but was nice and warm by lunch time. I went by charter bus and I think this was a good call. There seemed to be alot of parking, but you'd want to know your way around Sydney to drive there. I'd recommend bus or ferry (which both stopped right in front of the entrance).

 Here is the full set of swag. In my defence, I save up all year for this one and it is my big spending spree for the year and I did come home with money left. For some reason, there didn't seem to be as much there this year.

 This one is a Japanese bag pattern. I don't normally do bags or patterns, but this one seemed pretty simple and was cute. I bought a kit that had some of the fabric required. I have enough in my taupe stash to make this one. If it's easy to make, I will make a few for the Guild stall at the exhibition. The cloth buttons were a great buy.

 These ones are metreage. They were only $5m, so I got a couple of the civil war repro, I hope to swap some of that with people.

 This was my last purchase of the day. I was only going to buy this if I hadn't made any other big purchases. I have some flannels already but not enough to make a decent sized quilt. Now I should have plenty!! The big piece on the right side is the backing (also flannel). So with wool batting, this should be a very snuggly quilt!

I got a few more for my Japanese taupe collection. I really like the two cream ones on the right, lots of nice texture!!

I also got some goreguous Japanese silk jackets for super cheap prices. I will do a serparate post for those.