27 October 2014

14th Century Houppelande Sleeve

This was a project I worked on recently. It's a 14th Century houppelande sleeve for a friend who was being knighted at Spring War 2014. We modified the pattern (in consultation) slightly from what he originally wanted, to make it easier and quicker to embroider. It was done with a full strand of Maderia silk thread on a light wool fabric.

You can sort of see the weird angle of the embroidery. It actually goes into the top of the shoulder of the sleeve. I did take a photo of the sleeve completed to show the placement but it seems to have disappered.

Thank goodness we consulted with the tailor or we'd have put the embroidery in totally the wrong place. The we was another person who did the left sleeve.
And here is the completed outfit. I think it look awesome.