11 October 2014

Spring Cleaning

Well it's that time of year! You don't even relise you are doing it, but as Spring springs, the cleaning bug hits. So I've been ticking off lots to do:

  • Got the carpet in the sewing room cleaned. This required clearing it out completely (except for one surface). The plan is that nothing comes back in unless it really needs to be there. During the last clean up alot of stuff just got put into boxes. This time they will be sorted out before they can come back in.
  • Put the sewing machine in for a service (2-3 weeks - aahhhh!!)
  • Put the lawn mower in for a service
  • Handed two quilts in for the Guild exhibition this weekend.
  •  Sorted one box and one large bag of scraps. These are now all ironed, ready for processing tomorrow. They will all be cut down to useable sizes and put in the appropriate box.
  • Cut out more flowering snowball blocks. The ironed fabric had been sitting there as yet another pile of stuff to "be done".
  • Ironed the white fabric needed for the flowering snowball, will be cut out tomorrow.
Ironed scraps ready for processing.
  • Process scraps
  • clear off the side cupboard with various bits of crap on top.
  • resort the WIP boxes (a couple of projects are done so they can be reassigned).
So, getting a bit done. I'm using this machineless time to get a bit of sorting and organizing done. I also have a backup machine, which I will use to finish off some less important WIP's. I'm not starting anything new until I can knock some of those off. Although I am thinking of doing some cutting and prep work while I've got a nice clean workspace. That way the fussy stuff will be done and when I go back to work I can just sew and not pfaff about with the prep.