15 June 2015

Custom Quilting Labels

I've wanted to get some quilt labels made to use on my quilts, and Spoonflower seemed like a great way to do it. These labels are four to a FQ, at $9. That's pretty good value.

I cut these into four and fold in half. They are designed to go into a corner of the quilt. For this one, I put some of the binding across the top. Next time, I'll make it the same width as the binding, as it looked a bit odd being bigger. The "ribbon" at the top of the label is to write the name of the quilt. And the date goes between the askerisks at the bottom.

I then sew the label on at the same time as the binding. This way the label is sewn into the body of the quilt and not just onto the backing. Then just sew down the top edge to the back of the quilt. You could use the pocket it makes to put some scraps from the quilt there for future repairs.

To get the label off, you'd have to cut it out or undo the binding.


Label looks really good!