20 August 2017

Indigo and Tan Star and Courthouse Steps

So my usual quilt guild meeting is on the 3rd saturday morning of the month. But in months where there are 5 saturdays, we hold a meeting where we have workshops or work on group projects.

A couple of weeks ago was such a day. I had a heep of stuff to do and didn't get there until it was well underway. I had no intention of doing the workshop, I just wanted to drop in and say hi and see what people were doing.

One of the jobs I had to do that morning was to drop my main machine off for its annual servicing. So I couldn't work on any of my current WIP and needed a new project to work on using my backup machine.

But I loved the look of the quilt and decided to grab the pattern and have a go at it. I thought it would be a good pattern for my two Moda Japanese inspired collections - Kasuri and Indigo.

This is the Moda Kasuri range from a few years back. I picked it up recently on a destash group.