7 October 2003

Big Weekend

Well, it was a great weekend but boy am I glad its over!!

Saturday was my sisters wedding. We had an early start finishing off a few finishing touches to our outfits (beads on the wraps etc). Then it was three hours at the hairdressers. The styles were pretty simple but there was only one hairdresser for the three of us so it took a while. Then we got dressed and straight to the beach for the ceremony. It was only a quick ceremony but it was beautiful. The weather managed to hold off. The afternoon before it was freezing and rainy, the afternoon after it was freezing and raining with hail!! But the day of the wedding turned out gorgeous. Luck was definately on our side. We took some photos on the beach and then headed down to the ferry to take some on there. The ferry guys were really cool and did a few things out of the ordinary so we got better pictures. I won't spoil the surprise, I will post one tomorrow when we get them back from the developers (My boyfriend Adam was official photographer - this is about his third wedding - that is what happens when you have the good camera in the family!)

The reception was at the surf club right on the beach (you can just see it in the top right hand corner of the group photo below). Lovely location. My step sister did the catering. The food was great and the service was very good as well. This was her first "event" so things went pretty smooth (I later found out that she didn't have enough power in the kitchen and had to change most of the menu on the run, but I don't think anyone noticed cause the replacement food was delicious). Then there was the speeches and dancing etc. All wrapped up by midnight, by which time I was exhausted but happy.

Next day (Sunday) was another early start as I had an SCA event to go to. It was our groups big annual event and I didn't want to miss it all so I managed to talk Adam into taking me up for the Sunday afternoon. I found out his cousin had been up on the Saturday as well. He came with us. The weather was OK, but by about 4pm it had closed in. We got a bit of a shower but nothing too bad. As we were leaving we ran into one of Johns friends, who said the rain down the road was so hard they couldn't see the bonnet of the car!! He was expecting to arrive back at the camp and find his tent flooded out. When we were driving home, there was still deep hail all over the place. So were were very lucky not to get it at Spring War.

Yesterday was a rest and recovery day. I cleaned up the house after the mess we made getting ready on Saturday. I still have one room to go where everything just go shoved to be fixed up later. Last night I managed to get a couple more hours done on my caul.

So today will be more cleaning until lunch, then I might have an afternoon of embroidery.