8 October 2003

Progress on Caul

I put a few more hours in on the caul yesterday, this is the progress at approximately 20 hours. I still need to do some more cleaning in my work room but I think that I've broken the back of it. I might try and get some scrapbooking done today or tommorrow. I haven't done any in months (literally) and I am starting to get a backlog again. Also, with the wedding, I now have two complete albums to do!! But they should actually be pretty quick to knock out. Just have to work out colours and basic layout.

I also want to finish the tent stitch and goldwork pouch I am working on. I should be able to put the last outline of gold on tonight. Its the outer layer, so it should be a bit quicker to lay. Then its just onto construction. I need to get that done to be in the post in the next couple of weeks. Its always nice to get these things out of the way.