27 November 2003

Almost Done!!

Well, the Oriental Lilies project is almost done. I wasn't feeling too good yesterday so I had the day off work. I finished off the detailing on the two big leaves (put in veins using stem stitch) and did the four smaller leaves using feather stitch. Came out pretty good. I also cleaned up the blue marking pen. All I need to do now is to fill in the gap in the middle. I am thinking of filling it in with gold couching thread then over filling with some nice glass beads to add a bit of sparkle.

When that was done I put my next project on the frame. This is based on a 16th C Icelandic wall hanging. Black wool ground with white couching, done in a voided style. I started to outline the pattern in the couching thread. I will then fill with laid and couched work. The original is a fragment of wall hanging. I am going to use one roundal and make a cushion (much more practical).

I was bummed when I went to read up about the piece in a book I had copies from. I'd done a whole heap of pages and left out the two that covered this piece!! I was so mad at myself, I wanted to jump up and down on the spot!

Well, I also caved and signed up for the Chateliane Mystery VI. I can't say that I am great fan of the previous designs but I really love the colours. I am going to stick with it and when I am finished I want to try and design a pattern, something using the same materials as the mystery.