14 November 2003


I had planned on doing some more on the Oriental Lilies but I got distracted. I've been wanting to try to make some silk covered buttons for a while and today someone on one of my email list posted a link to a page with instructions!

Kate's Corner - Making Buttons

I used some wooden beads that I bought at the el cheapo shop for this very purpose. They were a bit elongated rather than round, but that is still a period shape. I used six stranded silk I had laying around (I'd bought it to see what it was like when I was testing out silk threads for embroidery). Basically, you just put ribs around the bead and then wrap it. I like the one I did (which is slightly different to the instructions) with the ribs on the outside. I took about 30mins to do one, but its a good project for having as a stand by when you just want something quick and easy to do. It took about a quarter of an 8m skein to do one button.