16 November 2003

Robin Hood Watch Out!

Well, no sewing yesterday, it was too hot. Summer is definately on the way. It was only about 36C but still a bit warm for sewing. We did, however, go Christmas shopping for my present from Adam. He really is very good at picking cool presents. I got a 26lbs recurve bow for doing target archery!! I've always wanted to do archery but never could find the motivation to find somewhere to do it. That is where the SCA is great, I can do all my favourite stuff in the one place, first embroidery, now archery. We have our weekly meeting today so if the Captain of Archers is there, I will be placing an order for some arrows with him. Once I get those, I will be right to go! Adam also said I should get some for Dad as he dropped by yesterday and when I mentioned the bow he said how he wanted to get his going again, but didn't have any arrows. See, I told you Adam was good at present picking!