16 December 2003


Well, Survivor is over for another year. I have to say I enjoyed this one quite a bit, they managed to get a good balance of personalities in this one. I picked this title because this was definately Sandra methodology. She left the outwitting and outplaying to others and stuck to outlasting - which she did. I also think she gave some of the best answers I've ever seen at a Final Tribal Council. I am so glad that Jon didn't make it into the final two. I think he would have actually stood a chance against Lil, she just flipped on too many people. Well done Sandra, I'm really glad she won.

No stitching, was too hot and too much survivor to watch. I really do need to get a move on, call me dense but I only realised this morning that Christmas is next week!! I need to get someone organised to take my entry to the competition.