17 December 2003

Slogging Away

Got another few hours done on my Icelandic cushion. If I keep putting in a few hours a night, I should have it done by this weekend. If I could get it in the post by Monday that would be great. I will put up a progress picture tommorrow.

I am thinking of buying an overlocker. I am going to have to make a bit of clothing for the SCA in the next few months (I only have one dress at the moment!!) and an overlocker would speed up the process quite a bit in finishing off seems. I was going to take part in Chatelaine Mystery VI and I'd started buying the kit but $350 dollars is alot just for silk thread and beads. So I've cancelled the order for the kit and decided to spend the money on the overlocker. My practical side won out. I will still follow the pattern (which I've already paid for and joined the email list) and I will see if I can adapt the pattern to threads I already have (which is a bit unlikely, cause its all browns and Autumn tones, which I like but never seem to buy! It was the colours that really drew me, not the patterns).