12 January 2004

Goldwork...Well Almost

I thought I would be good, after doing heaps of housework yesterday I got home from our Barony meetting (about half a dozen of the guys showed up), I thought I would dig out my Goldwork course stuff. When I checked the notes, the first two lessons aren't due back at the Guild until this week, so I won't be as late as I thought getting them handed in. However, as I was reading the notes, my bubba, Cleopatra, decided that she wanted a cuddle, which involved jumping up on my folder of notes, curling up and starting to purr!! How can you go mad at something so cute? I'm not really surprised, the first few days we had her I was working on a quilt and she thought it was great fun to try and catch my quilting needle as it poked up through the material! Also, a quilt on a hoop makes an excellent hammock to sleep on. So there is no surer way of getting a cuddle from Cleo than to start a sewing project.

Anyway, I will try and get the materials onto the frame tonight. With a bit of luck the first lesson won't take me more than a night. The second one will take a bit longer. I've already been sent the third and fourth lesson but they are much more time consuming as its gettting into or nue and purl pearl work.

With a bit of luck, as Hazel has said, the scenes I was hoping for might be in the extended version of LOTR when it comes out on DVD.

So back to work now. The air conditioning is broken so the office is stifling. This is when unopenable windows are a very dumb idea.