15 January 2004

Inside Out

Well, I haven't been doing any stitiching the last couple of nights. It's been a bit hot. But there was nothing on TV so I decided to cut out a couple of high necked smocks. I have one low neck one done, and I will make up a plain high neck one. That should give me time to do some serious blackwork on the remaining high necked one. I got my bolt of light weight linen from Fabrics-Store.com. It got here in just under a week. So I am going to cut out another low neck smock and this one will also get some blackwork on it. Hopefully, I will be able to get all this done by Festival. I am also going to cut out another dress. The colour is a bit more appropriate for a middle class Elizabethan, so I will get a bit fancier with this one, put wings on the shoulders, make sleeves, put waist tabs on the bodice and do a bit more detailing. I also want to make a hat. I think a basic black tall hat should do the trick. I also need to make up some accessories, a pouch and a needle case. Accessories are what make an outfit I think. Then onto an ensemble from the green wool blend I have.

On the stitiching front, if you would like to see some great examples of Renaissance stitching, check out this great site. It is a full copy of the book: "English Embroidered Bookbindings" by Cyril Davenport
http://posner.library.cmu.edu/Posner/books/book.cgi?call=655.7_D24E. It can take a while to get to the pictures, but they are well worth it.