27 February 2004

Largesse Finished

Well, after some pretty intense sewing, the largesse bags are finished. I did 16 in just under a week, doing an hour or so a night.They turned out quite nicely. I think that the black on white is very effective. The more blackwork type stuff I do, the more I can see the appeal. I will post a photo later on tonight.

I will have to get started on a small, split stitch piece fairly soon. I need to have it done by the first week of April, to take with me to Festival. It should only take about 5 or 6 hours to do.

When that is done I am really itching to do some needlepoint. I bought this very cool book last year that was full of medieval inspired patterns. I want to do a couple of the bigger pieces, I might go shopping for materials this weekend. They would make great backup pieces.