1 March 2004

Given Away

Well, I gave away the little scent bags I made. They reached their target yesterday. The Baroness rang me up to thank me for the bags. I made them at her request. She is going to give them as gifts to other Baronesses as an upcoming event. She said they were very nice. She seemed relieved that they had arrived!! They do make a nice, quick gift to make up.

I had a fairly productive weekend. I really wanted to get one chemise made up this weekend. Luckily, when I had white cotton on the overlocker, I'd cut out and overlocked three chemises, so all I had to do was sew them up. I got a bit done on Saturday but really just didn't have the energy for anything that required thought. So I made up an apron instead. I'm pleased with it cause its practical but will also finish off my working class outfits.

On Sunday I finally got motivated and was able to finish the chemise. I love the low necked chemise, they are so quick to make up. Now I have to do a couple of high necked ones. They will take a bit more work but shouldn't be too hard. If I do a bit each night I should get them done fairly quickly. If I can get them done before my holidays, then I can work on dresses. I plan on making up a couple of really basic early period stuff for backup clothes. If I can get more material I should be able to make three Elizabethans. And if I am feeling really motivated, I want to make up a couple of surcotes, a Manesse Codex type and a Gates of Hell type (heraldic).

We had quite a few new people at our Baronial meeting yesterday, lots of new Uni students and one person who contacted me over the internet. So Newcomers Feast is looking like fun. Now to decide what to wear, Byzantine outfit or Sari?