19 March 2004

Started New Project

Well, I finished the hooks and eyes and front seam on the second dress. That makes two up to wearable stage.

I decided to start a small split stitch project last night. I need to have it done by Festival and estimated about 8 hours work (but it will take more than that). I was worried that I didn't have a fine enough needle and after working on element of the design, I was right. I used the two finest needles from my pack of Piecemakers on the last split stitch project. I have been trying to buy another pack but have had real problems as its not stocked in many places. I am going to have to try and track some down cause the next size up, while still very fine, is just two big when working with one strand of silk thread. So hopefully I will be able to track down a packet in the next week or so. I will post progress pictures when available (the bit I have done is white on white, can't see much!).