24 May 2004


I had an eventful weekend. We had to take Pharaoh to the vet as his eye just wasn't healing up. I knew that all the vet would do would be to give us drops. But they wouldn't do that unless we brought the cat in. So we trundled off on Saturday morning and about half way there the car died. So we are sitting in the main street of Mayfield, on a busy Saturday morning with the cat freaking out and Adam mad cause the car broke down. We got a lift with Adam's sister to the vet and as I suspected, after a quick look and injuries on my part (two bloody great fang marks in my sewing arm!!), we got the drops. Got a taxi home. Adam had stayed with the car, turned out the radiator was stuffed. So there is $300 down the drain. With a bit of luck, that is all, and there is no further damage to the car. It meant an early start this morning in order to walk down to the ferry.

Managed to have a very uneventful Sunday. Just bummed around. Did my first scrapbooking in about a year! Watched a DVD. Finally, got to my embroidery at about 3pm. Kept going until bed time with breaks for food. I managed to get the whole background of the second side of my scissors sheath done. So that is good. Now just the goldwork.