31 July 2004

Final Stretch - Scissor Sheath

Started the day by having to really motivate myself to get out of bed. It was just so nice and warm and comfy. However, I got out and started the day. Quick trip to the building society to drop off coinage. Those $2 coins add up quickly. Then back home for house keeping duties. Got all that done by just after lunch. I finally started a quicky project that I've been wanting to get out of the way. Its a banner for an SCA friend on mine. He is in a household and wanted a banner with his household badge on it. Not hard and I got most of the hard bits done today. I am cheating, using visloflex to put the motifs together (Yorkist Sun in Splendor) and then outling details with cord and pearls. I only got the background made and the central motif done. I couldn't put them together cause I need some hemming tape to finish the back of the backing. But I can pick that up tommorrow, then its just a bit of handwork and it is done. But at least it is started.

On the scissor sheath front, I finished of the side seam today using some imitation Japanese Gold thread in a braid stitch. Now, all I have to do is the finger loop braid for the handle. I am going to do that tommorrow, a bit tired to work it out now. I hope to post a progress pick soon.