29 July 2004

Research Progressing

No stitching over the last couple of nights, too tired and not focused enough. So I've been working on patterns for my Anglo-Saxon clothing handout. I managed to work out how to do a pattern I was having trouble with. I realise that I had some commercial trim that was basically the same design, with a minor variation. It's amazing that patterns can remain in use over such a huge period of time. So I now have five keyhole necklines done, with match hem pattern. I will work on one more at lunch to give me six in total. I want a good variety in case lots of people use the handout, I don't want everyone walking around with the same one or two patterns. After the necklines are done, I want to work up some roundal patterns. I am going to use some of the border animals from the Bayeux Tapestry. I also noticed some nice simple thin patterns that I might draft as well. They could also be used for really simple decoration. So I think I will probably end up with about 10 pages of patterns. Once the patterns are done, I just have to tidy up the text, work out some sexy DTP bits and then it will be done. Then, if I am feeling really mad, I will work up some test pieces.