19 September 2004

Dyeing Done

I've dyed the 5 metres of wool for my coat. I used two packets of terracotta dye. Because it's wool, it doesn't take the dye as well as cotton. So the colour is a bit light, too orange, but I can live with it. I managed to get to Spotlight where they had alot of stuff on sale. I ended up buying 50 m of fabric, 10 m each of 5 colours. It was only $1 m so it was worth stocking up. It was homespun, so I will probably use it for linings (I am using a light khaki to line the coat). The rest I will probably use to make for Hospitaller.

So tomorrow I start sewing in earnest. First cab off the rank will be the coat.

I've done another few hours on the cuffs. I hope to get them finished tonight. If so, then tomorrow night, it will be finishing off the tunic.