18 September 2004

First Day of Holidays

Today is the first day of two weeks of holidays. We're not going away, just bumming around the house with a few days trips planned and maybe the movies. I have just started to dye three metres of wool upolstery fabric a nice terracotta colour. I plan on making a Viking/Rus coat. The weather is starting to warm as Spring takes hold, but our Barony has one more big event for the year, Spring War. This is a camping event, so I will still need some warm clothes.

On the embroidery front, I've done another six hours on the Anglo-Saxon cuffs. They should be finished by mid next week. The tunic will then be finished. Unless I decided to do the decoration around the hem. I think I will do this, but it won't be finished in time for Spring War.

Other projects I hope to get done are:

  • Design, put pattern on fabric and frame up my Elizabethan sweetbag.
  • Design and make up pattern for blackwork sleeves.
  • Design, sew and make up three pairs of gloves for Kingdom A and S competition.
  • Make up tunic for Adam for Spring War.
So, there should be plenty of progress reports and pics over the next couple of weeks, depending on how things go.