27 September 2004

Sweetbag Design

It was a slow start to the day. I didn't really get motivated until tonight. I have designed both sides of the sweetbag. I've gone for a floral theme. The designs have been put on tracing paper and are ready to be ironed onto the linen. I will probably do that on Wednesday as we are going to the Sydney Aquarium tomorrow and I have to dig the linen out and I don't feel like doing that now. Too hot. I will post image when they are on the frame.

I also finished tracing the designs from the Warwick shirt and I've put them on linen. I will be taking them with me to do on the train tomorrow. Might get half of them donw if I'm lucky. I want to get a few done so I can give them to the Baroness on Saturday at Spring War in case she wants some to give out.