23 July 2005

Cleaning and Bowling

I spent most of the day tidying up my scraproom again. In the final throws now. This is definately one of the those once every few years clean ups. It got so bad I even wanted to go out and start cleaning the shed!!

But the scrap area is clean now. Really clean. Not just pile of stuff moved from one side of the room to another. Things have been completely rearranged and stuff is put away. I even have a couple of empty areas. I am just waiting for the storage stuff I ordered (Cropper Hopper Veritcal Paper Storage and Making Memories Modular System) to arrive and it will be done. I just stand there and look at all the cleanliness!!

On Saturday night we went ten pin bowling. We haven't done that in years. There were a few of us and they played heaps of disco and other stuff. There were prizes for knocking down certain pins and other assorted fun. We had a good night. Adam and a couple of the others decided to hit the town, but I went home. He got back at 4am, needless to say, he didn't do much on Sunday.