22 July 2005

Reorganizing Scrap Area

No sewing last night. I had a couple of hours to myself so I hit my scrapbooking area. I put War of the Worlds on the iPod and got stuck in. It never ceases to amaze me how much crap gathers in my work areas. I really do need these periodic cleanups to get things in a workable state. Quite a few things are in a bag for Adam's cousin to take to his child card job. Anything that hasn't been used in two years was put in the bag, so a heap of cheap stamps, a few punches and some bits of paper and off cuts. Threw out junk, bits of paper etc I now have two clean shelves that I can put stuff back into.

I am getting some new storage stuff for my birthday next week, so that should help get my paper organised, it is currently in several different spots, so its easy to forget what is there. The other thing is to put the mostly used stuff within easy reach and the occasional stuff a bit more out of the way.

I won't get much chance to scrapbook this weekend as I have to go fabric shopping on Saturday morning (not for me, I got sucked into a sewing project for someone else) and then we are going bowling on Saturday night. It should be fun!