27 September 2005

I'm Back, Did You Miss Me?

I've been off line for a while. I've been busy. Work was just getting too much so I took some leave. I had plenty to do to get ready for Spring War so it was good timing. So I made up the green wool undertunic. It only took me a few hours to cut and sew up, but I love the look of hand finished seams, so it took me a while to do all of those. But it's done now and it looks pretty good. The weather has taken a turn for the worse, so it will be good to have lots of nice wool to wear at night. I also made up some detachable sleeves for my Elizabethan surcoat/gown. So it's now day and night wear. I am going to try and get some nice photos at Spring War. I will post if I do.

On the embroidery front, I only managed to pick up the blackwork shirt again yesterday but I had a dedicated day of sewing, so managed to put in seven hours on it. Here is the progress picture.

Below is a picture of Cleopatra (aka Bubba) trying to help me.